Saturday, February 8, 2014


While I was doing my makeup this morning, I had a thought. 

'I wonder what I would look like with one half of my face done, and the other half bare.' So I did it, thinking 'this bare part of my face is going to look terrible, man I'll be a sight to see.' Then I stopped myself....what?!? What the hell? Is that what I think of myself? And I thought,

'I wish I beautiful.'

Beauty. Why is it something we strive towards everyday? It's just so hard to see yourself and say, "you know what, I am beautiful." 

Not to be arrogant.

Not for other people.

For yourself.

To be able to look in the mirror on a day when you wake up late and wear whatever you can find on your floor and be able to say, "I'm beautiful." Or to dress up and do your hair different and be able to say, "I'm beautiful."

The word beauty has been so jaded by our society. We see it as a status that we have to earn, a goal to achieve. Something that will make us better. 

"Does he think I'm pretty?"

"Am I pretty enough?"

"My makeup looks bad today."

"She's prettier than me."

"Is this too much?"


Stop stop stop stop stop.

You ARE beautiful.

You just are. 

I know, it's so hard to say that in our society, but it's something to strive towards. To be able to see ourselves in a different light. 

Not thinking that one half is better than the other. But that together, that's MY face. My own face, it's me. I'm unique, and that's beautiful.

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